The Coming Middle Eastern War

Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-MahdiWhether you are a conspiracy buff or not, one cannot dismiss as a mere “coincidence” that Iranian Warships are sailing through the Suez Canal. No one can know either how this expectant naval collision between Israel and Iran is going to progress nor the countless uprisings across the Middle East.  No matter what, it is clear that it won’t be pretty.

Although there is a good chance this particular incident will not explode into WW3, one way or the other it is only a matter of time. The White House can issue all the conflicting and hypocritical statements it want about protesters and the USA allies that the protesters are rising up against, but the truth of the matter is that events in the region are moving so fast that it is impossible to latch onto any definitive movement and decide it to be the one that can be trusted to prevail.

The revolution that began on January 25th has unleashed hurricane of chaos in the region and this chaos is being exacerbated by Iran and their proxies. It is not an accident that the corrupt Saudi family has done what it always needed in order to survive and that is cut deals, except this time it is clear that the deal they are cutting is with the messianic leaders of Iran, who believe that their chosen leader the 12th Imam (a.k.a. Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Mahdi) will pop out of hiding in the city of Samarra in Northern Iraq. The fact that the Saudi government gave permission to these Iranian warships now ready to transverse the Suez to dock in Jedda earlier, is evidenced of the waning influence of the US in the region.

The war will be about Islam’s desire to regain the land of Israel and thus begin its growth and dominance over the Western World.