Clinton Accuses Saudis Of Funding Terror According To Wikileaks Memo

Saudi-Arabian-FlagIn one more bit of information from the seemingly endless storehouse of Wikileaks documents, it has been revealed that in 2009 Hilary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State, accused Saudi Arabia as being the main funding source for terrorists. In the memo released on the Wikileaks website Clinton is quoted as saying, “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.”Clinton continues to state that the Saudi government is unwilling to cut off the flow of money to these groups. In addition, she mentions Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE as also giving money to terrorist organizations.

This bit of secret revelation is so far the one document receiving the most responses in the Middle East and was signed by Ms. Clinton. Its strength is that it confirms that what until now was just an assumption that the war the US is conducting now in Afghanistan and Pakistan is paid for by rich citizens of the Gulf States whose governments continue to fund the terrorists we are fighting against.