China Telecom Expanding Business in Middle East and Africa

In order to take advantage of the growth potential in the under-served MENA sector, China Telecom opened an operating unit in the region which will control business there.

The African and Middle Eastern-based China Telecom will manage their network and push for greater business development in the area. It will also oversee its local subsidiaries.  China telecom will emphasize the service it will provide to its multi-national customers, especially China-based companies.

“It is a significant milestone for this China-based global company to reinforce its business expansion in the region,” the China Telecom Group said in a statement.

This development is a result of the technology/communications company’s desire to expand its influence in the Middle East and Africa. Last March China Telecom announced that it had won a contract with SimbaNET, a subsidiary of Wananchi Group. They will build a national optical network in Malawi 428-km long.