Beirut: The Most Expensive Small Apartments In The Arab World

BeirutSmall luxury residences in Beirut are the most expensive in the Arab World, according to the Global Property Guide. In addition, the property prices have risen rapidly during the last two years.

Beirut ranked 33rd out of 92 real estate markets around the world in 2010. It ranked 52nd in 2009 and was the number one among Arab nations for the highest price of a 120 sq meter apartment. This price was $4,258 /Sq meter.

According to the guide, Lebanese real estate prices have risen dramatically over the last few years. Rents have also risen, but not as quickly as selling prices. The guide also added that currently, Beirut real estate is giving a lower ROI. Six years ago, gross rental yields were 11%. Currently, they yield less that 3.5 %. In addition, as the apartment size increases the yields decrease.