American Tourist Murdered in Israel

Kristine Luken, with her friend Kaye Susan Wilson were on a nature hike last Saturday in a forest in Israel when suddenly two Arab men attacked them with what Wilson believes was a ‘bread knife.’ Susan lived to tell the story to police and reporters from her hospital bed after being stabbed and pretending to be dead. When the Arabs were safely gone Wilson managed to walk over to a nearby parking area and get help. Her friend Kristine was not so lucky. The Christian Evangelical woman in her mid-40s was found dead, hands and feet bound together, on Sunday, with multiple stab wounds.

Ms. Lukens was not Jewish, but she was a great lover of Israel. Her and her friend Kaye Susan Wilson, a professional tour guide, both love hiking and decided to go into the forest during their Christmas vacation. The forest they were in during the attack is inside the green-line, but not far from several Arab villages.

Investigators of the murder believe that it appears to be a terrorist attack and not a criminal attack. Investigators also presently believe that it is unlikely that a terrorist group was involved but rather was carried out by individual terrorists.